Old Houses in Plaqumine Louisiana


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I made a trip to Plaqumine Louisiana to visit some friends and photograph possible trains that come thru the center of town. We did see and photograph three Union Pacific trains and had lunch at Fat Daddy with our friends but the highlight for me ended up some of the old building on the street front and some of the houses. Some were abandon and some had been redone. Tell me what you think.

Elvis Movie Soundtracks


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Elvis King Creole

Elvis in Girls! Girls! Girls!

Elvis in Roustabout

Elvis in GI Blues

Elvis in Fun in Acapulco

No matter how you think of it, Elvis was cool. Most of the movies were corny but everyone resulted in another hit on the radio. I have all these records in my collection and enjoy the covers as much as the music on the records. Long live the king.

Art of the Machine Car Show Gonzales Louisiana

Today was the Art of the Machine Car Show to help sponsor The Little Angel Foundation. Due to rain there was a light car turn out but it was held indoors and we had a nice friendly crowd to chat with. Here are some of the cars and motorcycles that were on display. Today the Fords out number the Chevy’s , I guess they are more dependable in the rain.