About me

My name is Ron Findley, and I work at the Pennington Biomedical Research Center in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. I am an ex-sailor with nine years as an electronic technician that worked on all shipboard radar systems, CCTV Station(WKZO-TV channel 3) and airport ground control approach equipment.

Music has always been my passion, whether playing clarinet in the sixties to my current Gibson 12-string guitar. I like all types of music and collect and sell albums of all types. I photograph album covers and record the music from records, cd’s, cassettes, 8-track and reel to reel. I also have an extensive data base with information found on the albums and research on the internet. I also will convert old cassettes, 8-tracks, and reel to reels to cd’s for people so they can listen to family member’s and old bands from the past. I also convert VHS to DVD.

I also take photos of trains, buildings, people, airplanes, car shows, flowers and anything I find reeking with atmosphere. I also have the digital equipment to scan 35mm slides and films strip and I will do that for other people once in a while.

I have a record store booth in a consignment store,  where I sell my records, framed albums, as well as older audio equipment. I also sell antique furniture and some hand made jewelery. Ron’s closet is in This, That and More flea market at 43123 Weber City Road, Gonzales, la. We are open six days a week and I usually try to be there for a couple of hours on Saturday to talk about records and music in general.

2 thoughts on “About me”

  1. I love looking at my parents album covers, they’ve started to sell them in frames now for wall pictures 😉

    • Actually records are back on the rise. They’re making more each year. I don’t think it’ll ever reach the mid 1970 day levels. If you’re lucky maybe you’ll get an album pressed not just a cd. If so I would love to have one.

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